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Jewish Music for today's generation

Music Videos


For today’s technological generation. 

Music has evolved from a simple listening experience to full-fledged entertainment.  Cutting edge, professionally produced music videos, with meaningful messages and fabulous sound that tempt both the eye and the ear? That’s what NACHAS is all about!


Whether it's a wedding or a bar mitzva, it’s all about capturing the moment. From the emotion-laden  notes of the chupah, to the high energy exuberance of the dance floor, NACHAS shines with silky smooth vocals that will make your Simcha an unforgettable experience.

Make the biggest milestone in your life an event to remember with music that will dazzle your guests.


A veteran performer, NACHAS has brought his unique talents to concert stages throughout the United States, much to the delight of thousands of music lovers.  NACHAS's enthusiastic performances continue to keep him in high demand as he brings Jewish music and values to listeners around the world.

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